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Dr. Greg Fors: Why We Hurt

Backache, Headache, Neckache, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis or Fibromyalgia;
No Matter What You Suffer With,
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Imagine sitting down with a neurologist who specializes in the natural care of chronic muscle and joint pain problems and have all your questions answered.
Dr. Greg Fors, DC, Board-certified neurologist (IBCN) lecturer and expert in the care of chronic myofascial pain disorders, sets out in this book to tell the story of your chronic pain: what causes it, why it develops, and the most effective natural approaches to heal it once and for all.

Why We Hurt, by Dr. Greg Fors, is a practical guide and lifelong companion for health and wellbeing that will inspire you to heal your pain. You will come to appreciate the body's alarm system-pain-and how it is linked to your, diet, lifestyle, environmental toxins, thoughts, and emotions. Dr. Fors will guide you away from pain-masking drugs and other "quick fixes" towards a restoration of your health. He pinpoints the root causes of your muscle and joint problems and the primary source of your chronic pain, the myofascial trigger point. Best of all, Dr. Greg Fors offers simple, effective strategies for overcoming muscle and joint pain-involving diet, vitamin/herbal supplements, trigger point therapy, detoxification and spiritual/emotional balance -to find your way back to wholeness and happiness. Also featured, a unique five-step program for spiritual and emotional healing based on the perennial wisdom from the great philosophers of the axial age.

Why We Hurt by Dr. Greg Fors - an eight page Introduction explains the book in great detail allowing you the opportunity to see how it can help you live a happier and healthier life
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Publisher's Weekly starred review:
"This compassionate investigation into the multiple factors leading to pain disorders and the conditions associated with them should be required reading for health-care providers, patients with chronic pain and their families."
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